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Clukey Now Scheduling Presentations

Olympian Julia Clukey is currently scheduling her Julia Inspires presentation at middle and high schools across Maine. During the assembly, she talks with the student about setting goals, overcoming adversity and the importance of courage. She also presents the Julia Clukey Courage Award to a deserving student.

During her presentation, Julia shares her story about when she first tried the sport of luge at age 12 during a recruiting event in downtown Portland, Maine and the opportunities and she had in her 19-year career. At age 31, Julia recently retired from luge, but is now focusing on life after luge and sharing her story to inspire other Mainers to go after their dreams. As students find out there is a lot more to Julia’s story than what she has done on the luge track.

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Julia Clukey thanks fans for effort and commitment

“You will find success in those efforts that captivate your heart and soul.
Belief fuels passion, and passion rarely fails.”

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