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“Through my school presentations, I hope to encourage as many students as possible to find their passion, create a plan and go after their dreams.”

—Olympian Julia Clukey


Olympian Julia Clukey is now scheduling school presentations as part of her “Julia Inspires” campaign. Her presentation includes a four-minute video about her career, followed by the presentation that focuses on encouraging students to find their passion, create a plan and go after their dreams. At the end of the 20-minute presentation, she takes questions and then provides an autograph session and interacts with all the students. In total, the presentation is scheduled for 60 minutes. In 2016, Julia will also be presenting the Julia Clukey Courage Award at each school she visits. To learn more about the award, click here.

The school presentations are designed for high schools and middle schools in Maine. To date, Julia has presented at more than 60 schools across the state, from Sanford to Caribou, reaching more than 20,000 Maine students.

Want Julia to speak at your school?

To request a school presentation from Olympian Julia Clukey for 2017, please inquire by email or fill out the presentation request form. Button to reach School Presentation Request webformJulia’s presentations are made possible at no charge to schools as part of her “Julia Inspires” campaign. Please be sure to include your school name, available dates and contact information. All schools must be able to provide a microphone, laptop/DVD player, video projector and large presentation screen (8 ft. or larger).


What schools are saying about Julia Clukey’s presentation…

NYA testimonial about Julia's school presentations

In April, Olympian Julia Clukey shared her presentation to more than 200 students at North Yarmouth Academy. After the presentation, North Yarmouth Academy’s Interim Head of School, John Drisko spoke about the experience.

Julia Clukey’s presentation is the perfect blend of her re-telling of impressive personal accomplishments and motivation for her audience. She encourages students and adults alike to dream big AND provides valuable insight as to how to achieve those big dreams. She also reminded everyone that geography (being from Maine) in no way limits what you can accomplish. I thought the way she talked about 4 very relatable ideas: creating opportunities, working hard, overcoming adversity, and having courage—while sprinkling in her own personal experiences with each of those—was incredibly engaging and effective. It is not easy to keep a room full of middle schoolers interested in what you are saying—but she did it with ease throughout her presentation. My favorite part, is that I really do think every person walked out of that auditorium thinking that they can achieve bigger things than they had imagined.

—Julie Johnson, 7th Grade English Teacher, Thornton Academy Middle School

Julia’s message was clear and concise—encouraging students to find their passion, create a plan, and go after their dreams while emphasizing persevering through obstacles, maintaining a positive attitude, developing a strong work ethic, and remaining committed to one’s goals. Julia was down-to-earth and approachable—the fact that she grew up just a few miles down the road from our school made her message even more relatable to our students. The Courage Award presentation was also a nice segment of the overall presentation and our students really enjoyed seeing “one of their own” recognized for their efforts. We definitely recommend Julia’s presentation to those looking for a bit of inspiration for their students.

Betsy Benner, Guidance Counselor, Erskine Academy

Julia has an interesting career, but more importantly, she can tell a story of overcoming personal and professional adversity with the grit and positive attitude that we want to teach kids to have themselves. (And perhaps most importantly- she knows how engage a crowd of 300 7th and 8th graders!) One of my students was musing on Julia’s speech and how it wasn’t just about luging, it was about life. She felt like she could relate and was inspired. Julia is a tremendous role model and speaker and I would highly recommend her.

—Caroline Foster
National Board Certified Teacher- Social Studies/History
Lyman Moore Middle School

“I was most impressed with the clarity of her message. The fact that she has had to accept the disappointment of not making the 2014 Olympic Team and continues to set and reach goals pertaining to maintaining excellence in her sport is inspiring. Recognizing that participation at the World Cup level is a time-limited reality and setting goals outside of sports only enhances her message.”

—John Campbell, Warsaw Middle School teacher

“We were fortunate to have Julia come speak to our students about her journey to the Olympics and the perseverance that it takes and drive that it takes to make it there and the fact that any of my students could be in the situation she is in if they put in that kind of effort.”

—Jon Moody, principal, Messalonskee High School

“Julia’s message was on target and included perseverance, positive attitude, great work ethic and goal setting.  It’s a great message and coming from a girl from Maine made it even more effective for our students.”

—Stephen Bell, principal Dexter Regional High School

“Julia had a very positive influence on our athletes here at Bangor High School. Her presentation was extremely well delivered and had lasting impact on our students’ aspirations. Her message was not only motivational, but hit on many areas that influence students’ decision-making process.”

— Joe Johnson, Health Teacher Bangor High School

“Julia’s presentation was awesome! High school students have lots of distractions that can take them away from a dream; decisions that could make students change their course for better or for worse.”

— Nicole Carrera, Health and Wellness Teacher Poland Regional High School

“Julia has a unique ability to engage youth and adults to inspire to improve their lives. Julia is a great mentor that we highly recommend for any event.”

— Ken Walsh, CEO Waterville Boys & Girls Club and YMCA

“I would say that she had a “Pied Piper effect” on our kids; they seemed to be naturally drawn to her and her message…quite remarkable, really.”

— Mark Pinette, Guidance Counselor Caribou High School

“It’s great for our students to hear how someone from Maine made a goal and then set about to achieve it. Her emphasis on hard work and determination did not go unnoticed. In the past, I used to make an opening speech trying to motivate the freshman on their first day at the high school. Julia’s presentation was way more meaningful and inspirational for the students than anything I have ever said. I would definitely invite her back again to speak to next year’s freshmen on opening day or even to the whole school as an inspirational speaker.”

— Andrew Bridge, Freshman Team Leader Wells High School

“Julia kept the attention of more than 100 middle school students during her presentation. She related the importance of  having a vision, then using one’s talents and personal determination to succeed, regardless of obstacles that may arise in life. Julia spoke about the fact that a personal journey cannot be accomplished without the support of family and friends.  I am so glad I was able to schedule Julia to speak with my students. She is truly inspirational, and  I encourage other educators to contact her…you won’t be disappointed.”

— Susan S. Grondin, Lewiston Middle School


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Holiday PSA by Olympian Julia Clukey

“We were fortunate to have Julia come speak to our students about her journey to the Olympics and the perseverance that it takes and drive that it takes to make it there and the fact that any of my students could be in the situation she is in if they put in that kind of effort.”
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